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A superb action-packed thriller based on frighteningly realistic science. Perfect for fans of Michael Crichton, Robin Cook or William R. Forstchen.
Over 300 four and five star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.
Download a copy from the retailers below:
Friend or Foe…The difference isn’t always obvious.

In a world ravaged by a global pandemic, a remote Canadian farm community is the perfect place to hide—or is it? For world-renowned geneticist, Professor Tony Simmons, and the small group of survivors who escaped with him, it might not be.


Get the second book in the action-packed Altered Genes trilogy and find out.

Revenge Always Comes At a Price...

Lucia Sanchez returns to the United States seeking vengeance for the death of her children. But revenge is a powerful drug capable of turning old friends into enemies. Will Lucia come to regret the choices she’s made as new threats arise, endangering the people she loves and protects?


Read the third and final book in the Altered Genes Trilogy and find out.

All three books in the series—in one volume—at a reduced price.

More books from science fiction author Mark K. Kelly coming soon

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